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Tell us how much you paid for gasoline, gas, petrol in Jamaica. Do you know of stations with lower or cheaper prices? Are the prices correct?

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Cheapest Gas Prices in Jamaica(in JMD)

E10 - 87 Gas (per litre)
E10 - 90 Gas (per litre)
Diesel (per litre)

*All gas service prices shown have been updated in the last 336 hours.

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Petrojam Ex-Refinery Prices(per litre) for Apr 27, 2017
Product This Week($) Last Week($) Change($)
87(E10) Gas 108.97 109.23 -0.26
90(E10) Gas 111.81 112.07 -0.26
Diesel 108.18 108.51 -0.33
ULSD 112.05 113.04 -0.99

Gas Saving Tip

Avoid filling gas tank to top. Overfilling results in sloshing over and out of tank. Never fill gas past the first 'click' nozzle, if nozzle is automatic. ... click for more gas saving tips

How to Calculate your Miles per Gallon

Ever wanted to work out how much miles per gallon(kilometres/litre) you are receiving?

A handy guide that will help you is coming soon.


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