Jamaican Gas Prices


Gas Prices set to rise in Jamaica

With Oil prices hovering in the US$88 per barrel region and the Turkish lawmakers giving their troops the go ahead to attack the Kurds in Northern Iraq, things do not look nice on the Oil Market. Here in Jamaica, Petrojam, the local refinery of crude products, announced increases ranging from $1.42-$1.50. The increase is roughly in the region of 3% and will have motorist looking up at the price boards. The increase this week is the highest we have had in the last five weeks and it is likely that the ex-refinery prices will increase once again next week.

Road Congestion

Motorists in Jamaica have been suffering lately from the combination of rainy weather and poor road conditions. On the way home last night at around 9:45 p.m. traveling from Waterloo Avenue unto West King House Road trying to get unto Constant Spring Road in St. Andrew, I was surprised to find a long line of traffic. Traffic congestion on this road at that time is very unlikely and my first impressions was that it had to been an accident. Then my impressions were strengthen when I saw at least 2 police cars will flashing lights overtake the line of traffic using the oncoming lanes.

After spending close to 15-18 minutes on what is normally a 1 minute drive, and seeing no collision, accident or incident, I soon found the culprits responsible for the delay. It was a few potholes, ditches, whatever you want to call it, right at the intersection of Constant Spring Road and West King House Road. The intersection was covered with water from the recent showers and the motorists including myself were forced to gingerly navigate through the treacherous path.

Of course after staying at work late partly to avoid the traffic, I was not amused to have found myself in this almost packing lot like situation. With more rains on the forecast today for Jamaica, more potholes are likely and the traffic congestion is inevitable and with it inefficient use of precious fuel.

posted: October 18, 2007
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