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Gas Price Review - Week Ending December 18, 2008

Strangely this week Petrojam annouced increases in the price of Gasoline products including Diesel. This is very surprising given the current price of oil and the current market prices in the world. The price for a litre of diesel will go up by almost $0.09 while unleaded 87, 90 and E 10 are to go up by $2.75 wiping out the reductions from the previous week. This is increase comes as the price of Oil continues to hover around the US$40 mark and fell to as low as $36 for a barrel. Jamaicans however have to contending with a sliding dollar that has now passed the JM$80:US$1 mark.

Average Prices
This week average prices are shown below in comparison with the week before.

This Week Last Week
Product(avg.) $ per litre $ per litre
87 53.98 55.93
90 59.17 60.75
Diesel 63.80 -
E10 52.16 53.42

source: Jamaica Gas Prices data .

Highs and the Lows

The highs and lows continue to be significant especially with 90 Octane and Diesel with the price difference between high and low at $12.07 and $10.29 respectively. See table below

Dec 11-17, 2008
Highest Price Lowest Price Difference
Product $ per litre $ per litre $ per litre
87 56.38 49.57 6.81
90 64.99 52.99 12.07
Diesel 68.53 58.24 10.29
E10 54.07 49.32 4.75

source: Jamaica Gas Prices data .

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