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Gas Price Review - Week Ending October 8, 2008

Petrojam again announced reductions in the prices gas products. This week the reductions are fairly significant. $2.89 has been removed from the price of 87 and 90 octane and $3.50 has been removed from the priced of Diesel.

The ex-refinery price of 87 and 90 were set at $67.19 and $68.54 respectively while Diseel at $76.31. These reductions are a welcome relief for motorists and come on the heels of falling Oil prices on the world market. A barrel of Oil closed below $90 today.

Average Prices
This week average prices are shown below in comparison with the week before.

This Week Last Week
Product(avg.) $ per litre $ per litre
87 75.60 78.58
90 80.15 83.39
Diesel 86.38 86.80

source: Jamaica Gas Prices data .

Highs and the Lows

The highs and lows continue to be significant especially with 90 Octane. See table below

Oct. 2- 8,2008
Highest Price Lowest Price Difference
Product $ per litre $ per litre $ per litre
87 78.60 72.84 5.76
90 84.60 75.11 9.49
Diesel 89.99 83.53 6.46

source: Jamaica Gas Prices data .

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