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Gas Price Review - Week Ending October 1, 2008

Gas prices in Jamaica has fallen their lowest levels in five months. The ex-refinery price of 87 and 90 Octane fell by $1.75 to $69.99 and $71.43 per litre respectively. The price of diesel fell by $0.89 to $78.92.

This is good news for consumers and they should be very happy. As ususally Service stations will add their markup.

Average Prices
The average price of 87 Octane, 90 Octane and Diesel are shown below.

This Week
Product(avg.) $ per litre
87 78.58
90 83.39
Diesel 86.80

source: Jamaica Gas Prices data .

Highs and the Lows

The prices ranges for 87 Octane, 90 Octane and Diesel respectively are shown below. As usual the high & lows continue to reveal wide variations in prices which means that it possible for motorists in Jamaica to make significant savings if they choose to wisely plan their gas purchases.

Sept 25-Oct 1,2008
Highest Price Lowest Price Difference
Product $ per litre $ per litre $ per litre
87 80.40 74.51 5.89
90 86.99 77.34 9.65
Diesel 89.99 83.75 6.24

source: Jamaica Gas Prices data .

You can see this data any time by visiting our statistics page.

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