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Gas Price Review - Week Ending November 7, 2007

This week PetroJam announced sharp increases of $3.03,$3.03 and $ 2.42 on 87, 90 Octane and Diesel respectively. The announcement of ex-refinery prices will once again push up local gas prices. With Oil Prices surging to new highs of above $98 per barrel of Oil, expect continued increases in gas prices in Jamaica in the coming weeks.

Average Prices
The average price of 87 Octane, 90 Octane and Diesel are shown below.

Nov. 7, 2007 Last Week
Product(avg.) $ per litre $ per litre
87 $59.85 $58.30
90 $64.28 $61.85
Diesel $62.16 $59.62

source: Jamaica Gas Prices data .

Highs and the Lows

The prices ranges for 87 Octane, 90 Octane and Diesel respectively are shown below. As usual the high & lows continue to reveal wide variations in prices which means that it possible for motorists to make significant savings if they choose to wisely plan their gas purchases.

Nov. 1-7
Lowest Price Highest Price Difference
Product $ per litre $ per litre $ per litre
87 57.77 60.99 3.22
90 61.42 67.02 5.60
Diesel 60.37 64.15 3.78

source: Jamaica Gas Prices data .

In the coming week expect to see gas prices of some products hitting the J$70 per litre mark, if it has not already done so.

While looking at alternatives and gas saving measures remember to bookmark and visit Jamaica Gas Prices (http://www.jamaicagasprices.com.jm) for the latest gas prices. Remember that you can submit prices too by using our submission system. It is all about users helping users save.

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